Friday, March 27, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

no theatre please

You know what sucks?

When someone who shares your first and last name gets way more email then you, and you have to know about it. Granted, I feel smug in knowing I got to our email namesake first (she has a pesky little "c" added in hers- middle initial no doubt) but she's obviously around my age, living in London, England as some kind of set designer/props person and loads of interesting people email her everyday! At first i thought it was cute, I emailed her friends back telling them they had the wrong girl, no big deal. Then when she wrote me to apologise for the inconvenience, we struck up a conversation about our parallel lives and agreed it was funny and awesome. For awhile I would forward her emails to her if I got one here or there- but if I'm in a bad mood (namely when i'm pmsing, lonely or down on what life has to offer me) I just delete/spam that shit. But it's not her fault. Quite obviously. I just need something new to look forward to. Something relatively closeby, but more personal then summer/ warm weather. Which don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to immensely. I just remember last spring/summer and how I felt like i'd wasted it. I so desperately want to start acting again, but my big project has now been postponed for two years... and I don't have another. My problem is, I love acting, but I hate actors. Or at least I think I do. So I'm trying to figure out if there is something out there for me. Something I can invest in, that's social at the same time. Making art for the most part feels far too alienating. Anyone know anyone with a video/filming equipment and smart scriptwriting ideas?

Monday, December 15, 2008

cool kidz

These are my friends getting interviewed in Miami:

Also, I am now doing coat check from time to time at Il Motore. See you soon?

Monday, December 8, 2008

wish you were here

Last night I went directly from work to my friends Chloe + Yannick's place where they were having a little house party for their end of tour homecoming. The food was amazing- homemade vegan snacks to feed a small army. My contribution was blackberries, chocolate covered mint Oreos, maple syrup taffy cones and sour gummy dinosaurs. I tried my best at small talk with people who I didn't know but until other friends showed up I decided to pour over their books and artwork everywhere on the walls while listening to a really good band called Thee Oh Sees for the first time. It was easy to get inspired again.

On the long metro/bus ride home I wrote a bunch and decided my new years resolution would be to use the internet less (but not never!) and with that time start drawing/embroidering/making mix cds/decorating my room = essentially being productive/proactive. Re-watching the entire series of Buffy is still cool though. It's winter afterall.

Starting this week I'll be doing a few coat check shifts at Il Motore, the new venue up in Little Italy/Park Ex. I'll also be returning purchased items I bought in moments of weakness. The turquoise satin strapless sweetheart neckline cocktail dress WAS made just for me, but i've gotta make some sacrifices here and there.

Things are really starting to happen right now, I can feel the change a-brewin', so at this point I'd like to keep it happy and hopeful.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mom, i don't have a uterus.

I think i am on a prozac high. which means in a few weeks it'll be over, so i'm just gonna ride this thing out. I am excited about a lot of things. Today i got a pap test and i was momentarily excited that i might have been born without a cervix/uterus but then eventually my doctor found it. Oh well. I have hyper extendible elbows and knees though! and really tense shoulders. TMI? Whatever, it's my blog and 6 people read it.

I also am excited about my embroidery show. It's a simple group show at casa but the vernissage should be really fun and I haven't made art in ages so it's officially exciting. Please come! Dec. 1st, casa del popolo, 9pm. Which in Montreal means 10:30pm.
This Saturday, Meyer is throwing himself a "it's my birthday/ Il Motore is finally opening" party and apparently there is gonna be kareoke and really good djs and dancing and RED MASS are gonna play!!!! I am so excited about this band, and not just cause Owain is drumming in it. It's kind of like back in 2002 when i heard about Lesbians on Ecstacy and I was way into electro punk. Sigh!

In TV, nothing is that good right now. Except maybe Survivor, which is sad. At least January means new episodes of LOST and BSG. I guess it's about time I got into another show. Any suggestions? Streamable, people.


Saturday, October 4, 2008


last night i got kissed in such a loving passionate way i had to say something.

Monday, September 22, 2008

i feel sad today. it creeped up on me and now i'm writing about it. it's not really the sort of thing i would prefer to blog about. unless of course, i had a really great socially acceptable reason- like a death or a big loss of some kind. but i'm pretty sure i'm just sad about a lot of the same old things that one gets sad about.

i want to throw myself into a project, but i sort of have two projects already started. it's just that one of them often involves being alone (embroidery, television) and the other has been put on hiatus for several months and there's not much i can do until Sinbad finishes the script (film production, acting).

This spring/summer I went pretty boy crazy and i'm in a period of reflection now. Mainly I'm reflecting on the fact that i'm not too keen on the whole casual sex thing these days. I've been doing it for over a year now, and it's becoming tired. Relationships scare me more of course. But in the end, they're way more worth it.

September is coming to a close and october is gonna be jampacked already:

Pop Montreal vacation (i took the time off of work) + Puces pop volounteering
Thanksgiving in Ottawa with actual family
Extended hallowe'en weekend in NYC

I think maybe if I turn on the heat in my room prematurely I might start to feel better. Maybe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

i'm going to toronto

last minute deal. the cottage thing didn't work on account of the rain (thanks, gustav?) and possibly other stuff. it'll probably rain in toronto too, but at least i can get away and see people i don't get to see that much. i gotta pack real quick cause meyer is picking me up in 40 minutes.

p.s. i don't think crush boy #1 is gonna work out. he's in the mode post horrible breakup where you don't want to even think about romance or girls or sex. bad timing or what?

p.p.s. i've decided that watching grey's anatomy has made me heal my romantical side, and i will no longer hide it! i want romance.

there. that wasn't so bad.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

i have a crush

a big one. the kind that makes you excited about the future. the kind that gives you a good feeling all over, and you're not forcing anything. it hasn't been easy. but i decided to stick to it even when it seemed clear it was going nowhere.

anyways, after a few setbacks and disappointments, i found a bit of light at the end of the tunnel- giving me a huge sigh of relief- i knew my intuition hadn't gotten shotty! nothing is set in stone and it's advancing at a snail's pace but i just have too good a feeling about this guy and i feel like exceptions need to be made in his case.

friendships have gotten a lot better too in the last couple months, making montreal seem rosy again.

i also bit the bullet and started watching grey's anatomy. i couldn't help it- it's like chicken noodle soup only without all the excess sodium. i assumed it would be shitty dumbed down trying to be clever crap, and it still sort of is, but a couple of episodes bring out the tearsit', and i'm a cancer so naturally i love it. it's regular tv season now too so i don't have to hide my obsession as much.
tv watching parties become the social norm as soon as it gets colder. which it's not. getting colder i mean. tomorrow it's supposed to go up to 31 degrees, not including humidex.

the radical change in temperature took it's toll on my lungs and i'm having trouble breathing. i didn't go to work today because it got so bad. which conveniently brings me back to the phonecall i had with my crush this evening. when i told him i wouldn't have a doctor's appointment until october 21st and that i was too stubborn to wait in a hospital for 4 hours to get a puffer he offered to take me to the pharmacy to take one of his refills. how sweet is that?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this is an embroidery project i started a couple months ago that is now very close to being done. in the picture it is "in progress". the blue is just a water soluble marker. i have already started a new project that will be less about my friend's band (pictured above) and more about other stuff.

tonite i am working at my store's press party where Samantha Ronson will be djing. my best friend Victoria told me i should make out with her, but the real question is, what if Lindsay Lohan is there? what then?

p.s. in other lesbian news, Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse) is engaged to a woman!